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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Gig Video

this is the video from last night, as you can see, pretty crazy!


The Title says it all really, 
We were really excited to be playing Ryan's bar as the headline act, unfortunately the gig was cancelled as far too many people turned up, the place was literally rammed FULL of people, so many that there were people outside unable to get in and the people inside couldn't move at all, we had them standing on chairs and holding on to bits of the wall. pretty intense.
In the end the police were called due to noise on the streets and some people pulling a sink off the wall, (very rock and roll) 

We are re-scheduling a gig with the same line up for some time in the next couple of weeks, looking forward to seeing our pal eddplant (google him, he's pretty cool) again, hopefully both of us will get to play next time.

Watch this space we will be playing in the next couple of weeks, somewhere that can handle it!

video is on youtube, and will be posted here very very soon!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

RATP at Ryans Bar!

Ricky and the Pigeons are set to play an electric gig this Saturday at Ryans Bar in Torquay. They are headlining the set, which starts Saturday evening, and you have no excuse not to be there! It is going to be kick ass!
Supporting the band are great local acts and friends,
- Plight of the Powerless,
- The Wild Wild
- Public Meeting

Internet superstars Sons of Admirals will also be playing at the gig, so get yourself down and meet the youtube famous guys! They are playing an acoustic set which will be awesome!

So get yourself to Ryans Bar, Torquay on Saturday evening for some great music (including some new tracks) by Ricky and The Pigeons!
Get your band merchandise, have a drink, a dance, and a darn good time!

Practice Sessions

Monday, 30 August 2010

Acoustic Set.

Ricky and The Pigeons played their first acoustic gig last night at the birthday get together for Katrina. It was a great set, with a lively audience (one of whom more lively than the others.)
They played a long gig, which included most of the songs off their album and all their new originals such as Final Stand, Cougars and Fighter, and new covers, Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet) and Henrietta (The Fratellis).
The band sounded great acoustically, and it gave a totally different feel to their songs. The inclusion of a drum box (in this case a box shelf) meant Graham could still be part of it without being too loud, although, it did hurt his hands. Ricky played bass using the lower strings of an acoustic guitar.

The set went well, and despite the consumption of alcohol throughout, it didn't seem to affect their performance!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Last night at The Burton

A big thanks to everyone who attended the Ricky and the Pigeons gig last night at The Burton in Brixham!
They pulled in the crowds and received 3 encores!
After finishing with the usual Stomp the crowd shouted for the same song to be played again! After this another song was demanded by the rowdy audience. RATP played their unique cover of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, which was well received, with all the crowd singing along. Lastly the band played new original Final Stand as energetic as ever, which resulted in the crowd were singing and dancing all the way through. After these 3 extra songs on their set the audience demanded more, but the band had to call it a night! A good time had by all!
Make sure you keep checking for future gigs, you wouldn't want to miss out!